50 Shades Of Red

50 Shades Of Red

Nantucket Reds

The subtlety of some things is what makes them so good.  To the unseasoned individual Nantucket Red is Nantucket Red; it just is what it is.  To an extent this is true.  The real stuff can only be had from Murray’s, as far as I am concerned so this helps keep things simple (although Lifshitz and Crew have tried to pawn off their versions to masses in the past).

But like a fine wine, the aging of the Red is what gives it character, mystique and panache.  It is that fade that occurs over time that I speak of.  What starts as a rich Red inevitably fades to a softer version of its former self.  But certainly not so much that it can be considered a different color altogether.  So although there is only one Nantucket Red, the shades of it are nearly infinite.

Exhibit A: Below you will see three pairs of Reds.  To the left is a brand new pair.  Center is a moderately washed and worn pair.  To the right is a heavily washed and worn pair.  As the eye moves left to right it can’t help but notice each pair has a progressively softer red color to it.  A life cycle of sorts.  Well worn, worn well.


nantucket red 2