Sometimes It’s Fun To Be A Pirate

Sometimes It’s Fun To Be A Pirate


skull and crossbone socks
Socks: New & Lingwood

Skull and crossbone socks?  There are some items that price just does not matter.  All rationality can be lost in the pursuit of these goods; but this is of little concern.  The only concern is that the goods are yours; sooner rather than later.  This type of good can be, but is not necessarily a luxury item.  However, it is not a luxury or non luxury status that causes them to have such price inelasticity (for those non-business folk this means that the price of a good has little to no effect on its demand).  It is the products essence and value to the individual desiring them that give the product such value.  Perhaps the item is the final piece of a collection, perhaps it is a piece of history, perhaps it is something you’ve always dreamed about owning or perhaps it is the most badass pair of socks you have ever seen.

One of the first things I saw when I walked into New & Lingwood’s Jermyn street fortress of menswear was a table display with an array of dashing socks, including ones with skulls and crossbones.  I knew I had to have some, however, it was not until I saw them in the blue on pink colorway that I knew there was no way in hell I was leaving the store without that exact pair.  Shit, I would’ve given one of my pinky toes for these socks, luckily they were only 18£.  But I need not say more about these socks, for they speak for themselves.