Outside Bergdorf Goodman…

Outside Bergdorf Goodman…


Outside Bergdorf

I spotted this gent on my approach to Bergdorf’s yesterday.  Naturally his attire caught my eye, for I do like how he put his ensemble together, but I realize many may think he went too far.  I like his take on a monochromatic look, a look that I am often a fan of and have noted in past posts.

A few things worth noting.  First, I do not like his shoes, I don’t think that shade of brown compliments the rest of the outfit well.   His collar, I am pretty sure he had it starched popped because I don’t think I could get one to stay like that if my life depended on it.  The Goyard dog tote matches the rest of his outfit, I wonder if he built his ensemble around the bag or if the bag is just an accessory, I’m leaning toward the first.  And all I will say about the dog is that I am not a fan of dogs in the city.  The ribbon band on his boater hat and his belt, yes, they match.  Clearly he is no amateur.