At The Races…

At The Races…


There are events and then there are Events.  The Radnor Hunt Races are of the latter.  Somewhat akin to Foxfields and Far Hills Races (known to us NYC dwellers as ‘The Hunt’), except more intimate and local; the way many of us like it.  Preakness was nothing but an afterthought for many of us.  The day is one of racing, philanthropy, socializing, boozing, amazing attire from both male and female and general tomfoolery (thanks to Subaru for the hospitality).  Oh, and the weather was perfect.  In fact, the entire day was perfect.

I would be remiss if I did not shed some light on proper dress for the races (which could be applied to any event like this).  Obviously, all things prep are the de rigueur.  I saw more Lilly Pulitzer dresses than I knew what to do with; which is never, ever, ever a bad thing.  There were a few women beautifully clad in white pants, which I suppose I can grant the day as an exception; given the weather was flawless and the event was what it was.  Men of all ages came out in their best (minus the few poor souls who wore slogan T-Shirts; I think they somehow got lost on their way to Seaside Heights).  Sport jackets, club ties, polo shirts and shorts abound!  Glorious.  I opted for my pink with green embroidered gators jacket on top of a white patchwork button up, both from Lilly Pulitzer.  Given the strong combination on top things on the bottom needed to be kept as simple as possible.  Thus, I chose simple stone colored shorts with a blue needlepoint belt a la Smathers & Branson.  I could think of wearing nothing but sandals, in fact Rainbow flip flops.  Some would scorn on this, as they don’t think flip flops are suitable for men.  I however, fully endorse them, in the right setting.  And The Radnor Hunt Races was the right setting for many of the finer things in life…


  1. The pink jacket with a ticket pocket and print, Holy S%^$, where can I get that? You pulled it off well.


    Christian T. Peralta

    • Christian,

      Glad you like the jacket and thank you for the compliments. The jacket is from Lilly Pulitzer. However, it is a sample and only 6 were made. They did however make a production version that had embroidered scorpions, not embroidered gators on it; but this was a few years ago. Your best bet in finding one would be to keep checking into eBay or find a similar fabric and have it made into a jacket. Best of luck.