Things I Wear, XVI

Things I Wear, XVI


If you’ve been following me on Twitter you’ve quite possibly noticed that I decided to try to bring back Seersucker Thursday, as the tradition was ended this year.  How do I plan to do so, you may ask.  To wear seersucker for the remaining few weeks of summer (and if I happen to be in the southern regions of this great land over the winter).  I wanted to keep things classic and fun, which should be a given with seersucker…

I chose a pink seersucker pant from Murray’s Toggery/Berle to anchor the outfit.  Atop that a white linen button down from My Tailor (the sleeves are of proper length, they just just caught up in the jacket sleeve in this picture) and blue blazer from Lilly Pulitzer (which has been converted from a 3 button to a 3 roll 2).  Accentuated by a Nantucket Red-esque bow tie from Vineyard Vines.  It is old school VV, and old school ACK.  The beach signs on it are the previous generation of signs, not the new ones the island debuted a few summers ago (for the record, I like the old signs better).  Although not visible, my belt is a custom club belt from Smathers & Branson (every club should have them, fyi).  The base color is a light blue and is meant to tie in with my light blue socks; which also cannot be seen.  The whole ensemble is brought together with the use of a white linen pocket square and white buck wingtips from Brooks Brothers/Peal & Co (ie the most bad ass shoes I own).  Oh, how I love summer.