Things I Wear, XIV

Things I Wear, XIV


Blazer: Lilly Pultizer. Shirt: Lilly Pulitzer. Pants: Bills Khakis. Shoes: Stubbs & Wootton. Belt Buckle: Trafalgar.

I just couldn’t bring myself to wear ‘business casual’ yesterday, so I opted for something a little more expressive and interesting.  For some reason I was determined to wear my Stubbs & Wootton Solunas so I based the whole outfit around those.  They are black velvet with a sun on the right foot and moon and stars on the left.  A black belt is needed but the buckle could go either silver or gold.  Once I decided to throw on a blazer gold was the only option.  I wanted to keep things simple on top so I opted for a light blue linen shirt, which conveniently draws minimal attention; as said attention was to be drawn to the shoes.  And oh yes, a pocket square.




  1. Dude, the look is fine but PLEASE! do not wear your sunglasses on your head!
    Either on your face or in your jacket front pocket. It’s like white socks with flip flops ))