Things I Wear VII

Things I Wear VII


Shirt: Peter Millar. Shorts: Polo. Belt: Smathers & Branson.

I am again down in Southwest Florida and this time the weather is perfect, 75 and nothing but sun.  Given that I won’t be experiencing such weather for a few months I thought it wise to indulge in pastels, which are my favorite colors in the color spectrum.  I think it helped, I had one of my better rounds.  Of particular note is the Smathers & Branson belt.  Smathers & Branson make the best needlepoint belts available (after of course the ones your mom, girlfriend or other female will stitch for you).  Aside from their own designs they also make them for schools, clubs and other organizations; this happens to be one of those.  I highly recommend having at least one needlepoint belt in your wardrobe.