Style At The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Style At The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic


It was all there; those who dressed well, those who dressed really well, those who tried to dress well and those who did not dress well.  But a pleasure to see all, it certainly was.  As it was a pleasure to relax, talk and meet both friends of new and old.  The day was a grand one and luckily the weather was nearly flawless; as rain and clouds were predicted to ruin the day.  But admittedly, the polo match seemed to be an afterthought for some people there.  Predictably, the style on display was at the forefront of my mind…

The ferry over to Liberty State Park where the match was held
As soon as I saw this gent I knew I had to talk to him. He was not only the best dressed guy there but also one of the best to talk to. We talked for a solid ten minutes on style, life and work. He is a speech patholigist as you would expect he was extremely well spoken and mannered. I particularly loved his jacket, it was so unstructured and comfortable looking; an ideal summer piece. What really brought the whole ensemble together? The navy silk knit tie (with a well placed small tie bar); oh, and the pocket square. Excellence.
The hat tipped back and the sunglasses only bolster the ensemble. Note the matching of metals on the pen in the pocket and lapel pin.
Well done gents! I spoke with these gentlemen for a moment and they were so kind and in such good spirits, a good sign of things to come.
CK Swett and myself back on Stone St after the match. Please note, I do not wear my pocket square like that; the girl who took this picture insisted on adjusting my square to look like that...

CK Swett – Auctioneer Extrodainaire/Man Of Style

Finally the debut of my Lilly Pulitzer patchwork vest (custom). Bowtie (custom), blazer and pocket square also from Lilly Pulitzer. Shirt from TM Lewin. Braces (not pictured) from Albert Thurston. And the little thing adorning my boutonniere is a rosette, I'll speak on those in the future.
These guys were great, they were just perusing the crowd playing music. Thanks guys.
On the boat ride back, this gent looks so effortlessly at ease. Normally I strongly dislike the white collared shirt without a tie but he kills it.
Amazing pants, such a great casual look.
The headband touch a la The Royal Tenenbaums was prety novel. But having the tie and pocket sqaure are the same exact pattern is not the way to go, refer to Rule 12. The Frogskins on the other guy are badass.
Best womens shoes of the day, no question.
Keino Benjamin, always dapper and always nice to see.

Keino Benjamin

Get after it. Note the navy blue woven belt.
The red seersucker suit first got my attention but the whole group was quite well put together.
I love seersucker. But what caught me with this outfit was the tie, it looked to be akin to a tussah silk tie. Also, don't forget the lack of shoes, a nice accent.
Liz Landers of the Daily Front Row. Hat by Eric Javitz.

Daily Front Row, Eric Javitz

Julia La Roche of Business Insider Clusterstock

Business Insider, JLR

A great hat, I love how she used a broach pin to keep the brim up.
A great laid-back style, very appropriate for the weather and context.
True Romance...
True Romance 2.0...
True Romance 3.0...
Best tattoo of the day. It is one of Banky's more famous pieces, and we should all know that I love Banksy.

Banksy, Girl and red balloon

Jamar Freeze, a fellow blogger. I took a minute to speak with him and a fine gent he is; it was a pleasure meeting him.

Jamar Freeze

Another nice gent. A great combination of patterns and color; the shirt is polka dotted!
Sweater over the shoulders, hat tipped back, herringbone shorts; a great combination.
Great job going with all blue. But what really caught my attention were the seersucker braces; I really liked them and they are clip on braces and I hate clip on braces. I suppose an exception to every rule.
Scarf flare
Both well dressed; a great blue, white and off white combo on his part. The background isn't bad either...
Another well dressed gent and myself. Always nice to see a gent with a pocket square, his is from Armstrong & Wilson from Philadelphia. Expect to hear more about the company in the near future.

Armstrong & Wilson

Jace Lipstein of Grungy Gentleman

Grungy Gentleman

LK of Elle Kay Interiors and myself. To carry on from a previous picture, that is how I actually wore my pocket square for the day.

Elle Kay Interiors

Yes, please and thank you.

The girls are holding Penelope Parasols

And then there were the horses and polo…

Many thanks to Veuve Clicquot and La Force Stevens for the hospitality and putting on the event.