Store Visit: Bass Pro Shops

Store Visit: Bass Pro Shops


As I left the Ft. Myers airport Thursday night I spotted a Bass Pro Shops.  Immediately I became excited, they don’t have these things where I live (Philadelphia and New York City).  I’ve only been to one before, and it was awesome.  I knew I had to make a stop back before I left.

Yeah, that picture says it all.  It was nothing short of awe inspiring (I say that both seriously and sarcastically), but really the pictures say it all.  Does this really belong on FYG?  Not really.  But I can’t resist.  Did I need to buy anything from there?  Most certainly not.  But you can damn well bet I did.

Shot from the entrance
These people were buying guns at 9:30 at night. Nothing like some quality family time...
BPS even had those penny machines! I was so mad I didn't have any change on me (who keeps change on them anyway???).
Pretty much the coolest toilet paper holders ever.
Meat grinders? Are you serious. I wonder if we put NYC subway rats in these if we could feed them to the Occupy Wall Streeters... YUP.
I mean it's a pretty cool fish tank, right?
Just look at this all star. LOOK. I couldn't even include his face in the picture because it is that bad. I wonder, does the beer belly come with the wife beater and 3/4 length jeans or vice versa.