Dear U.S. Customs…

Dear U.S. Customs…


Note to my readers: I had a bit of an unfortunate incident with U.S. Customs last week.  I’d like it to serve as a heads up for all of you, there is a possibility of it happening to you.  I am 100% certain that Customs was in no way singling out the brand, Luxire.  Can’t say the same for myself, however, ha.  It could happen to any brand at any time, but rest assured, the chances are minimal.  I also would not like this to serve as a deterrent to getting unfused collars on your shirts, ordering shirts from Luxire or ordering anything from international locations.  Anyway…


Dear U.S. Customs,

I write to you to follow up with our brief and indirect encounter last week.  I would hope that you would take away from this brief message that you no longer need to slice through collars of innocent shirts.

A few weeks back I placed an order with an online shirt maker, Luxire.  In the prescribed period of time, Luxire made and shipped my order to me. However, upon receiving my shirts my package looked as such:

My first thought was ‘America, Fuck Yeah.’  As I was relieved to see my tax dollars going to use for legitimate causes (now can we allocate some more of said tax dollars to the Mexican/American border?).  But upon opening the package my demeanor quickly changed; as I realized that you sliced through the collar of my shirt like so:

This offense was unwarranted and it resulted in a perfectly good shirt getting ruined. So, I thought about why you would choose this shirt, out of the two shirts (the other being a button down) to slice through.  My conclusion was that the deciding factor must have been that the collar was an unfused one.  With an unfused collar the lining of the collar is not glued to the collar fabric, but instead it essentially floats between the two layers of collar fabric.  To the Customs agent who is likely unaware of the differences in collar constructions I could see where one could mistake the collar lining for something else (like drugs, documents etc).   Or perhaps the agent wanted to try their hand at shirt alterations?

The worst part is that if the people at Luxire were not so understanding and on their game I would be totally out of a shirt.  Luckily, Arnaud is on his game and is kindly providing me a new shirt free of charge; a gentleman in my book.  And for your part I ask that you kindly fore go future attempts at altering my, or anyone else’s shirts.

God Bless America,



PS: A review of Luxire shirts is on the way.


  1. Actually, both the shirts were unfused as are the majority of the shirts we produce.

    This is the only time we have had this trouble. Studying steps to reduce possibility of anything like this happening again. Talking to a couple of experts in this regard.

    Hopefully this was the first and the last time.

    • Arnaud,
      Thanks for clarifying. Great shirts they are, thank you for the great customer service. And to clarify on my end, I am in no way blaming you for this. If your contacts have anything to add, please feel free to post a comment on them.

  2. Customs used a razor blade box cutter to open your package and inadvertently cut your shirt in the process. The shipper should always have a “DO NOT OPEN WITH BLADE” sticker or packaging(tape)on packages with contents that can be cut. At the very least the shipper should wrap the products to try and avoid this just in case.