MRket: Shwood Sunglasses

MRket: Shwood Sunglasses


Wooden sunglasses?  yup.  They have existed at the upper echelon of the sunglasses price range for some time but Shwood is the first company (that I know of) that has made them at a price point that the 99% can afford ($140-224).  Shwood was part of the 12 brand ‘Vanguard’ collection curated by Michael Macko at MRket.  the idea behind the Vanguard collection was to highlight some novel and up and coming menswear brands.  Anyway, the wood and texture that comes as a result of the wood is certainly beautiful.  However, I’d recommend trying them on before buying, as they can be a little bulky (but they still maintain a very light feel).  Regardless, you will probably be the only one of your friends with glasses like this.  The shades are made in Oregon, which makes it pretty much the only cool thing to come out of Oregon since…  Nike.

Note: FYGblog did not receive any form of material compensation from either Shwood or MRket in exchange for discussing the show or brand.



  1. Wow. I barely made it through the entire paragraph before pulling out my credit card. Those are awesome.