One Orange: A Welcome Addition To The Nantucket Retail Landscape

One Orange: A Welcome Addition To The Nantucket Retail Landscape


The retail scene on Nantucket is changing.  Sometimes for the better, other times for the worst (ie Jack Wills and C Wonder coming on scene and The Golden Basket leaving).  This summer’s arrival of One Orange, is of the former.  The name comes from the storefront’s address which used to house Ladybird Lingerie (Ladybird has since moved to Centre st) and is just around the corner from the legendary Murray’s Toggery.  However, the fare at One Orange can be likened to being Murray’s cousin.

The roots of One Orange are of a preppy tone, however, its style has evolved to something a bit more European and contemporary.  But not so much so that the collection is out to touch with the gentlemen of Nantucket.  In short, the collection is well curated for gents in the 18-35 age range.  The brands pretty much speak for themselves, as they are all quite strong; Jack Robie shirt ($133), Swims loafers ($175), Hudon Sutler bags ($95-120), Soludos espadrilles ($40), General Knot Co ties ($98), Gerry St Tropez bathing suits ($155), M Carter totes ($50-80) and Norman Hilton jackets ($595) among others.  The layout of the store is open and comfortable; clean and sophisticated.  The gents of One Orange were nice enough to host and invite me to a cocktail party on the eve of the Summer Soiree to benefit the Nantucket Boys & Girls club, for which they were also a sponsor.  The Triple 8 Orange was flowing and house cocktails were in abundance.  I was able to take some photos before the festivities began, I hope you enjoy as I did.  I look forward for more to come from the gents at One Orange, as they are planning to expand into other locations.