UnAmerican: Retailing On Thanksgiving

UnAmerican: Retailing On Thanksgiving

stores open on thanksgiving

True, this is not the first year retail stores have opened for business on Thanksgiving. It happened last year, with Wal-Mart leading the charge, I believe some other stores had done so in years prior. Perhaps unsurprising to many of you, I am not a fan of this assault on Thanksgiving. I would go so far as to level the charge that it is unAmerican. And yes, I realize that capitalism is one of the pillars of our society.

Needless to say, I don’t do Black Friday (at least in person, who knows what I’ll find online, however). Something about the throngs of people just doesn’t appetize me…  And I would wager a considerable sum on me not doing Thanksgiving Thursday (or whatever the marketers are calling this shitstorm). In fact, I would like to call for a boycott of shopping on Thanksgiving, but I fear it’s not even worth exerting myself for that fight; I fear the battle has already been lost.

Now, obviously I must substantiate my vehement opposition to said shitstorm. Which basically comes down to three simple objections. First, and frankly the only justification needed in my mind is that Thanksgiving is a time for food and family (and to a lesser extent James Bond and football). It is a day that families have to themselves, or in the company of whomever they choose. Not a day when families should be in the company of companies. Or worse even, be torn away from your family to work for some retail company.  It infringes on the sacredness of Thanksgiving.

Second, Thanksgiving is a time for tradition to prevail.  Admittedly, this ties in with my first argument a bit, but, by tradition I mean that retailing on Thanksgiving has historically been frowned upon.  I understand that some traditions do come to and end, but there are some that should stay right where they are and this is one of them.

Third (and again, party tied to reason one), patronizing stores on Thanksgiving is a surrender of the American people and their values to the crass of impersonal and undiscriminating corporate greed.  It says to me that the people have been bought by discounts, PR and marketing.  The people have sold out.

To those that have decided to open on Thanksgiving, I hope that you receive the modern equivalent of being tarred and feathered.  Fortunately, there are some retailers that have abstained from opening on Thanksgiving, to those stores, I thank you.  I suppose all is in fact not lost.

Keep up the good fight,