Questions From The Readers, I

Questions From The Readers, I


Over the past few weeks I have been receiving and increasing number of emails with questions on men’s dress from some of you from as far away as India.  I would like to thank all of you for your interest in FYGblog.  I thought that perhaps it would be of interest to some of you if I were to post the questions and my responses.  It is pretty straight forward, a problem is presented and a possible solution is provided.  If any of you have anything to add please feel free to do so.  Enjoy.


Is is acceptable to wear a chestnut (brown) colored belt strap with oxblood colored penny loafers?  Or would a  black strap be better suited.  What are your thoughts.


First, good move on the oxblood (burgundy) penny loafers.  But in response to your question, personally, I only wear an oxblood belt with oxblood shoes.  I think it is the best look (see Rule 7).  I see guys wearing black and brown belts with oxblood shoes all the time (but this does not mean it is right) and I realize it is not always easy to acquire an oxblood belt whether it be for financial reasons or lack of good options.  Now, that said, I think it depends on the shade of oxblood and the shade of the chestnut, as they are not always the same from different brands.  Most, if not all oxblood shoes will go better with a chestnut colored belt but there may be the rare exception.  So, black should be reserved as a last resort.  Either way, I would highly advise getting an oxblood belt to match, especially if your going to be wearing the shoes a lot.  May I suggest you check out Trafalgar and Brooks Brothers for oxblood/burgundy belts and belt straps.  Good luck.