Questions From The Readers, I: Follow-Up

Questions From The Readers, I: Follow-Up


Shoes: Shipton & Heneage. Oxblood Belt: Trafalgar. Black Belt: Brooks Brothers.

Last week in the first installment of ‘Questions From The Readers’ I responded to an inquiry from a gentleman asking about wearing a chestnut brown belt with oxblood (burgundy) loafers.  I advised that chestnut brown would be advisable to black, but really one should obtain a proper oxblood belt.  So, I thought it prudent to follow up with the inquiry with some visual evidence.  In the picture above we have a full brogue (wingtip) in ‘chestnut burnished calf’ with belts in oxblood and black, so, although the colors on the items are slightly switched around from the inquiry we do have a similar situation.  In this case the chestnut and oxblood look almost identical in color, but still a noticeable brown shade in the shoe (which will soon cease to be the case because I am going to have the shoe polished with oxblood polish to try to turn them into oxblood wingtips, which will be badass.  But more on this later).  The similarity in color necessitates me to wear the oxblood belt.  From this picture, one should also be able to tell that a black belt does not go with oxblood.  Thus, my previous statement stands.  Chestnut and oxblood may work, but it is preferable to match oxblood with oxblood.


  1. Shipton & Henage rule. I am fortunate to have 4 pairs of their shoes. Black suede wingtips, chocolate and black suede Chelsea boots and navy velvet slippers embroided with white skull and crossbones. As for the oxblood/cordovan shoes I have some church’s that I bought on sale in San Francisco about 20 years ago. I should wear them more often with a navy suit. I was fortunate to find a reversible cordovan/black belt a few years ago which matches well.