A Lesson On (How Not To Do) Black Tie: 2012 Golden Globes

A Lesson On (How Not To Do) Black Tie: 2012 Golden Globes


I think that by now it’s no secret that I love black tie and have rather strong opinions on it.  The Golden Globes, in all of its glory, puts the screens leading men (and women) in semi-formal attire, for better or worse.  So, let’s just get to it, I have more than a few short words to say but I will try to keep things on the shorter side.  I realize that the Globes are the more playful of the award shows, but nonetheless…

Rickey Gervais, congratulations.  You were the worst dressed man I saw on camera last night (well, actually your tied with Jesse Tyler Ferguson).  Although I do appreciate your sartorial gamble (or perhaps satire) with an open neck, black pleated shirt, flapped hacking pockets and burgundy 3-piece tux you just looked bad.  And then you made it worse by taking off your jacket towards the end of the show.  You could’ve perhaps made things tolerable with a white shirt.  Also, what is going on with his shoes?  I think I had a nightmare about them last night.  Additionally, may I remind you that one of the key words of black tie is ‘tie’ and that a gentleman should not remove his dinner jacket in the presence of a lady when in public (unless he is killing it on the dance floor or needs to provide her with warmth by means of his jacket).  But at least you looked comfortable in it and it fits well, those are about the only positives.

Love it or hate it?

And for the rest of the field there were a few good ones mixed in with the mishaps these red carpet award shows are so well known for.  The most common error was that of the long necktie.  You see, there is a right way to change things up in black tie and a wrong way, a long necktie is certainly of the latter.  The other most common malady was that of awful, awful, awful proportions.  You see, well built and larger men should just NOT wear skinny ties, collars and lapels.  Check some of thoughts below and feel free to add yours in the comment section.

Leo looks pretty good here. Peak lapels are crucial. He could use some shortening of his trousers and a one button, not two button jacket. The watch is also a bit large for semi-formal wear. Nonetheless, he's still a boss.
Oh, where to start here... I appreciate the daring to wear a full velvet tux but men long ago found it looks better to just have the jacket velvet (at least I am fairly certain this is velvet). The lapels have a very weird shape and the vest should cover the bottom part of the shirt entirely. But the worst part is that Mr. Ferguson looks to be wearing a white tie to a black tie affair, poor form indeed. And what is that on your lapel? Chances are it shouldn't be there.
Mr. LeBlanc is wearing my favorite tuxedo of the night. I love midnight blue and hope to have my next tux made of it. The lapels are of a great width and he's wearing a pocket square. Well done sir. Now just swap out the long tie for a bow tie and take a smaller spread on the collar and you'll be the most dapper gent at the show next time.
The long tie, skinny lapels and small collar need to be axed. But at least he kept them all in proportion. Even though I hate this skinny business he still looks better than much of the other gents. He's also been killing it in GQ and Menswear in the past month.
The long tie, as always, needs to go. But I am curious about Mr. Brolin's collar points, which are popped up a little bit over his vest. I know in Japan some men will pop the tip of their collar somewhat like this for a more casual appearance and a bit of sprezzatura. Perhaps Mr. Brolin is trying to pull this off, but then again, he probably is not and in which case; poor form.
Left: Legend. Right: Smokeshow.
Mr. Pitt is tied for best dressed. The cane and flow add some extra points. The shawl collared jacket is pretty badass and unlike Mr. McGregor's the proportions are well done; the vest helps as well. He could use with a shortening of the trousers and sleeves a little though. Lastly, his arm candy is not bad...
Mr. Grammer is the second of the two best dressed men. My only concern is that his bow tie looks like it could be a pre-tied one, which would be most unfortunate. He keeps it as classic as classic gets with a single button closure, jetted pockets, black studs, turn down collar, peak lapels and a Golden Globe.


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
    The satin (as opposed to the more sartorially correct grosgrain) facings on his jacket and his hideous obviously pre-tied bowtie make his getup look like a rental!
    I agree that his trousers could use some shortening – more evidence of RENTAL, and that there is no place for two buttons on a proper single-breasted dinner jacket.
    After all, it’s not easy to find a rental tux with peaked lapels.

  2. One button, Mr. Clooney. and try to tie your own bowties for the love of Pete. Did you and Leo DiCaprio get a two-for-one deal on your tux rentals? UGH!!!

  3. Mr. LeBlanc:
    Best tux EVER! I would steal it off a sleeping drunk in the street if I found one wearing it.
    Midnight blue- yummy! Great lapels, too. Plus classy white linen pocket square.
    However, the long tie gotsta go. Also I can’t see in this photo. Are you wearing blue velvet knickers? Because that would be more excusable than destroying this awesome dinner jacket with a wide spread collar and long tie.
    Nice try, though.

  4. Kelsey Grammer:
    Close, but sadly the facings on his dinner jacket are satin rather than grosgrain. And don’t none of these Hollywood Types know how to tie their own bow tie? (or pay someone to do it for them?) Or realize how silly they look wearing a $5000 tuxedo with a $5 clip-on bowtie?!

  5. Mr. Ferguson:
    I’m not going to say anything about your ridiculous velvet pants or white tie because I’m sure the fashion police already read you your rights and your counsel advised you not to comment.
    But about that vest – It’s called a waistcoat for a reason. IT’S SUPPOSED TO COVER YOUR WAIST!