The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: The Men of The 2015...

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: The Men of The 2015 Oscars


Ask and now you shall receive.  Apologies for missing the Golden Globes and Grammys this year, but fear not, I’m not going to skip out on all three shows.  Sadly for my judgemental side, things were looking pretty good this year.  But as always, there were a few guys who just couldn’t pull it together.  Aside from some snarky commentary I will also throw in some educational bits on how some of the men could’ve taken their black time game from good to great.

A few things to note.  The night was laden with shawl collars and wide lapels, both of which are things that are looked upon kindly here at FYGblog.  Things that are not looked kindly upon are not wearing a pocket square with a tuxedo and anything wears.

Let’s start things off with one of the best dressed men of the night, Eddie Redmayne.  Hid midnight blue tuxedo fits perfectly and all of the details are spot on.  Take notes gentlemen.
Another exceptionally well dressed gent was Benedict Cumberbatch.  Out of everyone, he did the white jacket the best.  Although he does need to shorten his sleeves and pants slightly to show a little cuff and decrease the break. Lastly, Benedict would do better with a slightly taller bow tie, it is too small for his head.
These days its hard to expect what McConaughey is going to pull out.  Although the fit of his jacket looks to be pretty good I personally don’t care for the fabric.  The vest is also not meant to be worn with a tuxedo, but with a regular suit.   Better luck next time.
Someone always has to try the black shirt, always.  And just like every man who has done so before him, Kevin Hart would’ve done better for himself in a white shirt.
Chris Pine: killing the double breasted game.
I don’t know or care who Miles Teller is.  But the lady in his arm is a whole other story.  Who did your boob job?  My future wife may need your doctors services.  Now, if you’ll excuse me.
I am pretty sure we all know that John Travolta is a bit of an odd duck by this point.  But whatever prompted him to put this outfit together is beyond me.  Pretty much everything about it is wrong.  Runner up for worst dressed man.
What is wrong with Will.i.iam's outfit?  Hm, let's see.  EVERYTHING.
What is wrong with Will.i.iam’s outfit? Hm, let’s see. EVERYTHING.  White girls would say ‘I can’t even’.  Without question the worst dressed man of the night.
I applaud Selma star David Oyelowo for his adventurousness.  The color and fit of his tux are great.  I just wish he would’ve worn a bow tie that was black and a pocket square.  PS – if you have not seen Selma, go see it; an incredible film.
In another example of coloring outside the lines, Neil Patrick Harris donned a fantastic light grey shawl collared tuxedo.  Like Mr. Oyelowo, NPH would done better with a black bow tie and a pocket square.  But an exceptional ensemble nonetheless.
Things to never do: button both buttons on a two button jacket.
Props to Chris Pratt for giving hope to many an average white guy.  His shawl collar tux game is on point.
As always Bradley Cooper is looking suave.  I have a few issues with Clint Eastwood’s ensemble but he 100% legend so he can do whatever he wants as far as I am concerned.
Is that a Daytona?  I really hope it is.
Usually I am a Channing Tatum fan but he’s not on his A game this time round.  First of all, flap pockets are not at home on a tuxedo jacket.  Second, the lapels are not wide enough for his shoulders; they need about another inch of width to be in a good proportion to his body.  As we know proportions are of the utmost importance with tailored clothing.
Would not have expected Andy Samburg to pull such strong tux game.  Aside from his pre-tied bow tie (which is anathema) his ensemble is great.



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If you thought this post was going to go down without mention of Jared Leto’s get up then think again.  I think he took this outfit from the rejects closet from your local prom tux rental store.  The only justification for wearing something that is both this comedic and horrific is drugs.  Likely in massive quantities.  But even then…




  1. As always, spot on. I, too felt that many more men could have gone for solid black bow ties, but I did love the white jacket on Benedict Cumberbatch.

  2. Benedict Cumberbatch: He’s British and they tend to not do cuffs. So can’t really blame him with the jacket sleeve length.

  3. The vast majority of gentlemen did not wear appropriate dinner attire waist coverings. Without a cummerbund or waistcoat, those low rise trousers expose an unsightly triangle of white shirt below the buttoning point of one’s dinner jacket. Most of these stars’ “stylists” wouldn’t recognize classic men’s tailoring if it bit them on their spray-tanned backsides.

  4. I think Leto may have worn what he did specifically as a statement about not taking such things or one’s self too seriously. For that I commend him, even if the outfit is ugly as sin. On another note, I don’t mean to sound over sensitive, but do you actually expect to have a “future wife” when you you make comments toward women such as you did regarding Miles Teller’s date?

  5. Redmayne had the look down – except you forgot to mention that he does not seem to have a pocket square…