Obama’s Tuxedo Folly

Obama’s Tuxedo Folly



“Let me begin by saying, you all dress up pretty nice.”  Was how Mr. Obama opened up his speech at the Inaugural Ball.  Kind words, no doubt.  But sad that they do not apply the the man speaking them.  Especially since said man is the President of our great country.  Even the Vice President got the memo and absolutely killed the tux game, in the best of ways that is.  So let’s break down Mr. Obama’s great folly…

In short, he suffers from many of the same ailments that our celebrities do (refer here for my most recent breakdown of their mishaps), except his tuxedo fits a lot better than most of the celebs.  And he is wearing a pocket square.  So he does get some serious points for those two things.  So anyway, if it wasn’t for the fact of a good fit I would hypothesize that Mr. Obama purchased the Jos A Bank special.  Which is effectively a suit jacket with satin lapels.  And it is with the details of the jacket where I take issue.  The jacket has notch lapels, two button front and flap pockets.  The three things that should never be on a proper dinner jacket.  A dinner jacket should only, if in single breasted form, have peak lapels (or shawl collar), one button closure and besom pockets.  But the biggest crime of them all is that he is wearing a white bowtie, which is solely reserved for white tie (or formal) affairs or the worst dressed guy at a high school prom.  And no one wants to be that guy and I for one know that I especially do not want my President to be that guy…


Justin L Jeffers



  1. Omitting the quoted start and the ellipses finish, your first paragraph has 5 sentences. 4 of those sentences are fragments. Who taught you how to write? Leave the writing to professionals.

  2. “But the biggest crime of them all is that he is wearing a white bowtie, which is solely reserved for white tie (or formal) affairs”

    inauguration isn’t formal enough for you?

    • James,
      I believe the affair was black tie, which is semi formal. And requires a black bow tie to be in proper dress code. If the event was formal it would be white tie, as they are synonyms. Which if that was the case then Obama (and Biden) would have been in a completely different outfit altogether. One in which the coat had tails and a waistcoat of white pique cotton with a white bow tie of the same fabric. But either way, white bow ties should not be worn except for during white tie as it erodes at the elegance and prestige of white tie. Not to mention it is out of place anywhere else. I have no qualms with the dress code of the event, just the way our President failed to dress properly.

  3. I must laugh at people who get so offended when anybody bashes on the President in any way shape or form. They will tear you apart for the tiniest things even when you are right, just to get across that they do not approve of your view of the President. Especially when grammar and “intelligence” is thrown out into the field. Then the attacker is trying to prove they are “smarter” than you making you seem like an idiot when in reality you are not. Fun little observation.