Rules Of Black Tie

Rules Of Black Tie

what tie to wear with a tuxedo

rules of black tie

A rather sizable minority of questions I receive from friends and readers revolve around all things black tie.  It also seems that men make an effort to bastardize black tie, celebrities being perhaps the most chronic offenders, which is unfortunate.  So, I thought it prudent to put together a list of sorts, rules of black tie, if you will.  It follows in suit to the Rules of Men’s Dress and is called How To Wear A Tuxedo.  As with the former list, the latter will also be a constant work in progress.  That is, guidelines will be added as appropriate.  So as is, the list is by no means complete or comprehensive, but, it should provide a solid starting point for almost any man.




  1. 1. Should one always wear black tie at black tie optional event
    2. Should one really wear pink suspenders with black tie, and if so should one wear a pink pocket square with them, or simply have them hidden.
    3. Is it acceptible to alter pants to support suspenders that are otherwise not so equipped
    4. Can one wear calfskin oxfords with black tie, or does one really want a shine.
    5. Can one wear buckled prada shoes with black tie
    6. Should the cummerbund always be black – even if you have pink suspenders ?