The Royals On Black Tie…

The Royals On Black Tie…


A few nights back everyone’s favorite royal couple attended the War Horse premiere in London.  Sadly, I was not invited…  Luckily, a few good pictures surfaced of the event.  It goes without saying, but Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) looked rather stunning, as per usual.  But this is not to slight the well dressed Prince William (Duke of Cambridge).  So, in case you were ever wondering how a prince does black tie here you are.

This Prince dons a double breasted dinner jacket with some well polished black oxfords.  Of concern is that he is showing no shirt cuff, and one should always be showing 1/4-1/2 inch of their cuff.  One should note that his tie looks like it could only be self tied and it is paired with a turn down collar, just like the Duke of Windsor (who I believe would be his great uncle) helped popularize decades ago.  Additionally, the shirt does not have pleats or studs, which gives a crisp and understated look.  Oh, and don’t forget the well placed white handkerchief.  An elegantly dressed couple.


  1. FYG, I can’t believe you didn’t address the metal watch band adorning the Prince’s left wrist. I’m very surprised to see that William did not opt for a watch accompanied by a black leather band…Poor display of style on the Prince’s part

    • Touche, good point, I concur. I also didn’t discuss the use of umbrella, which although it is chivalrous to shield one’s lady with an umbrella back in the day it would not be so proper. For the original purpose of umbrellas was not to shield one from the rain. In fact, it was a sign of class if you never had to open your umbrella. The idea being that you either used it to flag down transportation or you had transportation in the first place. But that is rather old school.

  2. The umbrella is horrible horrible horrible. Surely he could send someone out to get a proper one from James Smith & Sons – this one looks like it came from Primark. And I really hope he is holding it over his wife’s head rather than his own, although it does not look like it from this photograph.