Boardwalk Empire: Episode 10

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 10


Three things got my attention this week. Now, that is not to say they have not these things have not been present in previous episodes. First, we have Owen’s jacket when he is peddling the newly imported Irish whiskey to the Ritz Carlton. It is a dark and heavy wool, as are most in the show but this jacket uses button and belt closure. The belt looked to be about 2.5 inches in width. It carries forward from the country attire from last weeks episode, as something like this seems to be something more fitting for the countryside as opposed to town, but I could be wrong.

Second, we have Jimmy’s tie when he met with chalky. It looked to be a silk grenadine tie (like worn by Connery as Bond), but as always, I could be wrong. Whatever it was, it was an olive green textured tie, the texturing no doubt came from the type of weave, which leads to the possibility of it being a grenadine one.

Lastly, and of most note 3 button is Charlie’s three-button jacket from the liquor storage facility meeting. Everything about the jacket was typical except the arrangement of the three buttons. You see, they were arranged to be about an inch and a half apart from each other but the buttons were really high up on jacket, leaving much of the jacket to flap around if buttoned. In short it was aesthetically unpalatable.

Nucky Thompson for President 2012,