Boardwalk Empire: Episode 11

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 11


Okay, so, it finally happened.  Jimmy and his mom had sex (even though it was some years before when he was at Princeton).  Oh, and he kills his father, The Commodore.  Yeah, if you havn’t seen this weeks episode I just ruined it.  The Oedipus Complex comes true, thank you Freud.  What else did you expect to happen…

This episode transports us back to Jimmy’s days at Princeton, before his enrollment to the Army.  He is an awkward and physically lacking version of his present self, although he was a few years younger I believe this to be mostly symbolic.  The most sartorially interesting scene of the show was the class scene.  A variety of student dress was represented, all of it male.  The professor was in a three-piece suit.  Jimmy was in grey trousers and a tab collared shirt with tie under a blue cardigan, he looked the least put together of all of the students.  Another student was in military dress, I believe he was in the Army.  I do not know what the equivalent would have been back in 1921 but I believe he was the equivalent of a ROTC.  A few other students were in three piece suits, one in what looked to be a great brown tweed.

But save the best for last.  My favorite ensemble was the gentleman in the Princeton varsity sweater (somewhat like that shown in the picture above).  Under the sweater her wore a tab collared dress shirt and a tie.  Classic.  But the varsity sweaters of the days of old are quite different from those we see today.  Good but not as good as they used to be…

Nucky Thompson for President 2012,