Boardwalk Empire: Episode 12

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 12


Well, all good things come to an end; so they say…  But at least Boardwalk Empire will be back for season three.  This season’s finale was phenomenal.  In retrospect, it’s all obvious.  But predicting what happened would have been almost impossible.  I mean, we all knew Nucky would go free and end on top, we just didn’t know how.  It just sucks that his new-found wife is a treacherous tramp and he had to kill his ‘son’/protegé, Jimmy.  But some things just must be done.

My favorite outfit of Nucky’s was the one worn when playing with the kids and then married in.  When playing in the back yard he was sans jacket, showing all the glory of his pink gingham shirt.  The vest had a pink back to match the some of the check on the suit, which was part pink on a gray and brown base.  His tie looked to be a gray base with pink geometric designs on it.  It is only appropriate that Nucky was jacketless in the scene with the kids, for he was at leisure.  This may have been the first time we saw him play with the children without Rose present.

Throughout the season I have commented on Eli’s dress on a few occasions.  I think his wardrobe has had to be one of the more dynamic, as he plays a few different roles in society; each necessitating a different look.  Part way through this episode we see Eli on his front porch in undershirt with whiskey, effectively he is shitfaced.  Effectively he also looks like the stereotypical blue-collar drunk.  Is this what he has been reduced to?  Or is this what he really is at heart?  Or will he turn into the pure thug he looked like in the closing scene of the episode?  Time will tell.

Season three cannot come soon enough.

Nucky Thompson for President 2012,