Boardwalk Empire: Episode 3

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 3


As the conflict between Nucky and The Commodore continues to escalate, Jimmy seems to be increasingly torn in his allegiance.  Is it to his father, The Commodore or his mentor and provider Nucky?  I believe whichever way Jimmy goes, will go the power.  Oh, and I cannot wait for Chalky to make bail, which will hopefully be next episode.  Plot aside, another great line up of suits and attire in this episode.

The first suit of note is that of Eddie’s (the actor who visited the pregnant Lucy Danziger).  Although the fabric seemed to be a borderline offensive shade of green the design of the suit was quite interesting.  Mainly the pockets, which were bellows pockets; a type of patch pocket and thus a less formal design (I believe they come from sporting or working wear).  To add to the informality of the suit was the collar tab, which is a take from sporting jackets (also, these tabs seem to be coming back into style these days).

As per usual Nucky had the best suits.  The olive green with orange check pattern and hacking pockets (hacking pockets is the proper nomenclature for slanted pockets which now seem to be all the rave) was nice as was the brown with orange windowpane worn with an orange check shirt.  But I believe the grey with purlpe check flannel was the most notable.  The vertical stripe was thick (nearly a half inch wide) and heavy, the horizontal stripe was much more narrow and quite faint.  The fabric was quite elegant.  However, I did not care much for the collar of the lapel, which extended past the edge of the lapel, almost creating an upside down peak lapel.  The pockets of the jacket all had flaps, even the breast pocket.  I am guessing this and the collar style must have been in fashion at the time.

Much like Eli in last week’s episode, Jimmy’s choice of dress has also been changing.  In season one he wore a lot of blue collar/working class clothing.  So far in this season his wardrobe has taken a more formal turn.  Suits are almost commonplace.  This goes in line with his new role as more of a management figure as opposed to an enforcer.  Nucky even commented on Jimmy’s wardrobe transformation when he confronted The Commodore, Jimmy and the Governor at dinner toward the end of the episode.   Oh, and finally, Nucky Thompson for President 2012.




  1. […] I was lucky enough to stop by the Tweed Run yesterday.  The event was sponsored by Rugby and called Rugby’s 99 University Place store home base.  As was to be expected there was a slew of well dressed ladies and lads.  Unfortunately, I did not see any of the bicyclists depart en masse but I did see some of the preparations.  I also saw (and acquired) some of the clothing that Rugby had made for the event.  And yes, I saw enough badass tweed to make me think I was on the set of Boardwalk Empire. […]