Boardwalk Empire: Episode 6

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 6


This weeks episode was perhaps the most emotionally intense and gory yet.  Part of me loved it and part of me hated it.  The short of it is that everything seems to be coming to a climax.  I was almost too immersed in the plot this episode to catch a lot of the style in it, but, I would like to note a few things.

First, Nucky’s grey flannel with a burnt orange chalk stripe suit was awesome, like with many of the fabrics his suits are made in I have never seen that combination before and I loved it.  Second, the green oxfords the prosecutor was wearing that the judge commented on.  Although I am not a fan of colored oxfords or bluchers they are definitely an upcoming trend in menswear so I am curious if this was done on an account of that, as I do not think colored dress shoes existed back in the 1920’s.

Lastly, the outfit that Rose’s son was wear for first part of the episode was awesome.  It was a black and white belted herringbone jacket (which basically looked like a dark grey).  It also had breast pockets on both side and I believe knickers below the waist.  But this was all before his first confession…  After the confession he was dressed in an all white outfit for his living room photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.  Symbolism?  I think so.