Boardwalk Empire: Episode 9

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 9


First, I would like to express my disappointment that How To Make It ended its season, I think it was a little short.  But, the same could be said about pretty much every season of Entourage, HTMI’s predecessor.  But most importantly, CRISP lives on, we got to see that obnoxious Bushwick dwelling hipster told off and Ben finally told Nancy shes off her rocker.

Episode 9 definitely acted as a staging episode.  Some heavy things are in the making. My favorite outfits of the episode came when Nucky visited Mr. McGarigle and the other Irish rebels in the Irish countryside.  Whoever the stylists and wardrobe people are on Boardwalk Empire, I again applaud you.  Nearly all of the gentlemen were clad in an odd jacket (mostly what looked to be tweed) and an odd vest.  Also, natural colors like brown and green were rather prevalent.  Mandarin collars and patch pockets were also by no means in short supply.  In short, they were not in full suits but more casual attire meant for the countryside.  Take for example Mr. Fitzgerald who was wearing a tab collared shirt, silk knit tie (which is my new obsession), a brown vest and a herringbone jacket with patch pockets.  Well played, well played.

Nucky Thompson for president 2012,