Boardwalk Empire: Episode 8

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 8


Sartorially, there are a few things worth noting, aka, things I really liked.  In the opening dream sequence Nucky’s burgundy w light blue windowpane suit paired with a  blue base shirt with small white windowpane pattern, geometric pattern tie and red boutonniere.  But it was Nucky’s crimson red with navy paisley braces that I favored the most; he wore them proudly during his doctor appointment.

I would not be giving Boardwalk Empire due justice if I did not discuss the beach scene.  Not only does Jimmy’s wife meet her new lesbian lover but we also got a glimpse into beach gear of the day, or lack thereof…  Most men were in suits and women in dresses.  There was minimal skin exposure.  In fact, women’s beach wear was not to end higher than seven inches above the knee.  Girls wore kilts shorter than that in middle school.  Girls show more skin when they go out at night now than they did at the beach in the 20’s (but then again, some of the girls these days dress more like they are about to go to work on a strippers pole than go out and have a good time with friends.  I realize this may offend some people, but if you try to deny the truth of it may I suggest you stand on a corner in Meatpacking District, Murray Hill or East village on a Saturday night).  Times have changed…

However, my favorite part of the episode was the meeting between Nucky, Torrio and Rothstein which ended in the following exchange between Joe Torrio and Arnold Rothstein.  Mr. Rothstein’s words are some of the best I have heard on the show.

“You have no move Mr. Thompson.  You do nothing.”

“He’s under attack Arnold”

“All the more reason for patience.  I’ve made my living Mr. Thompson in large part as a gambler.  Some days I make 20 bets and some days I make none.  There are weeks, sometimes most in fact that I make no bet at all.  Simply because there is no play, so I wait, plan, marshal my resources.  And when I finally see my opportunity and there is a bet to make I bet it all.”

Nucky Thompson for President 2012,