Grenadine Braces

Grenadine Braces


A few months back I decided it was time to have my hand at designing some things.  Given my obsession with braces and the blank slate they provide for one’s creativity I thought they would be a good starting point.  I wanted to keep things simple and unique this time, so I opted for a solid grenadine fabric in both navy blue and burgundy.  Both colors are accented by white leather tips and silver colored hardware so they can go with any color shoe.  The grenadine fabric is from Italy, the hardware has been sourced from England and all assembly occurred in New York City (yeah, these bad boys are made in the USA).  Supplies will last until all units are sold and I do not know if I will have any more made; so I guess one could say that supply is limited.  I expect these to fit gentlemen up to 6’2″.  Asking price is $80 (paypal or cash only, but if you have something to offer barter I could go old school like that).  If you are interested and would like more information or would like to order please inquire via  I will ship anywhere that UPS/FEDEX/USPS ships at the rate they quote me at.  If you are not interested in purchasing please at least enjoy the pictures.


Justin L. Jeffers



  1. Justin, nice little project! I think I know where you had them made – there are not too many places in New York left.
    Grenadinelooks very nice but unlike with a tie, it may wear out quicker because it is constantly rubbing against something.I will take a look at it in person,when I’m in NYC.