Things I Wear, XIII

Things I Wear, XIII


Suit: Black Lapel. Shirt: TM Lewin. Tie: Chipp2. Braces: Albert Thurston for Paul Stuart. Cufflinks: Kent Wang. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

One of my favorite color combinations is grey and burgundy; especially when said burgundy includes a grenadine tie and skull and crossbone braces.  Add a touch of blue from the shirt and pocket square and my day is made…


  1. Always a great shirt,tie,suit combination Justin. I find it also works well with a pale blue shirt with white collar and cuffs. Is that TM Lewin shirt fitted or classic?

    • Geoff,

      Nice to hear from you, as always. It’s TM’s most fitted shirt, from the John Francomb line. For off the rack it fits my body decently well; better than any other OTR shirts I’ve tried.


  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the suit reviews, was wondering if you ever plan on checking out Suit Supply. Their suits are kind of hard to find reviews on. Thanks!

    • HK,

      Welcome, hope they help you out. I’ve been to the Suit Supplys in London and NYC. From what I have seen from both stores the quality is pretty good, especially for the price point. The styling is also pretty good, a much needed addition to the market. They have a few different styles and cuts; which is good. I however, have not purchased any of the suits, either off the rack or MTM; so I cannot speak on the longevity or how they wear. I do have a friend who purchased a jacket from SS and he has been happy with it thus far. I would however, like the opportunity to review them so hopefully sometime soon I will get the chance.


      • Thanks Justin. Your site is nice, the suit reviews have been really helpful. On another note, it seems like you’ve taken to the TM Lewin shirts. I’m thinking of trying them or Charles Tyrwhitt out for some of their shirts, what are your thoughts on the Lewins? Through their website, were your sizes pretty spot on or did you have to have it readjusted to fit? How is the fit, fabric and longevity on these?

    • EYL,

      Thanks for the feedback. And thank you for the compliments on the suspenders, they are my favorite pair. I’ve thought about the proportions of that before. However, for now the flow will stay for now; its one of the few things working for ‘the man’ hasn’t taken from me, hahaha.