Things I Wear VIII

Things I Wear VIII


Shirt: TM Lewin. Braces: Albert Thurston.
Suit: Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Tie: J. Press. Shoes: New & Lingwood.

Things I love include braces (suspenders), polka dot ties and butterfly loafers.  Now, when paired together I did like the result.  I decided to pair the navy braces with navy polka dot tie, some may say a little too coordinated but I don’t mind in this case (and mind you, I love braces and whole heartedly endorse them).  I had to use a double four-in-hand knot for the tie  On a positive note I mention the 1/2 inch of shirt cuff showing and the pocket square, which is a black and white glen plaid with a purple stripe.  On a less than positive note I mention how the points of the collar lay.  Points should always touch the shirt, whereas in this case they are slightly off of the shirt (this is part of the problem with thin collared shirts, even though this shirt is not one of them).  Regardless, still happy with the outfit.


  1. Also, the right sleeve shows more cuff than the left sleeve; looks unbalanced. And the points of the shirt collar should not only touch the shirt, but lay under the jacket lapel; these don’t. Those minor nits aside, a nice look

    • Lastylemaven,
      Very true. Unfortunately, the sleeves are different lengths in the picture, but in reality they are the same it was just poor photographing on my part; still working on this self photography stuff. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Hey your brace buttons need to be closer together on the front. They shouldn’t raise off of your body like that, they should lay against it like a seatbelt.