The Beckett Simonon Review

The Beckett Simonon Review

beckett simonan shoe review

NOTE: As of July 2017 this review is void.  I put out an updated review of Beckett Simonon that you should read HERE.

I remember when I first heard about Beckett Simonon in late 2012.  So I went to their website, browsed the selection and almost bought a pair of shoes.  The only problem was that they were all sold out and I did not feel like waiting for them to restock.  Nonetheless, I still thought to myself that it was only a matter of time until someone started a direct to consumer shoe company, mind you, this was a year before Jack Erwin launched.

beckett simonan review

Since then I have been keeping tabs on Beckett Simonon so when I received an email from their PR people I figured it was time for a review.  Fortunately, Beckett Simonon agreed and was nice enough to send me a pair of the Bailey Chukka Boots (link) in burnished tan and a Potenza Weekender Bag in tan.

beckett simonan review

But before we get into the details let’s she a little light on Beckett Simonon’s short history.  It launched in late 2012 and is the brain child of Andres Nino and Nicholas Hurtado.  Both gentlemen wanted to provide consumers with well made, attractive footwear at a solid price.  Which ideally would help fill one of the many voids in the men’s shoe market.  Originally all sourcing was done in South America, however, currently it is split between South America and India.

beckett simonan potenza bag review
Shoes: Shoepassion.  Suit: MyTailor/Hemrajani Bros.  Shirt: Cottonwork.  Tie: Chipp2.  Bag: Beckett Simonon.


Anyway, without further delay, let’s get into the products.  First, let’s talk about the Bailey Chukka boot.

beckett simonan shoe review
The Bailey is Good Year welted and leather soled.  The soles are very thick, although not obnoxiously stiff, which is nice.  I also like the simple 3 eyelet design, which sits well on the last.  The leather used is, for a $100 shoe, excellent.  Note the burnishing on the toes.
beckett simonan review
However, as you can see from both this photo and the above, the shoes are a bit wide.  The last itself is a little wide at the toes (but comfortable), the protruding sole adds a bit more width.  Personally, I am not a fan of a shoe this wide as I think it looks too heavy and bulky on my feet.  But you may like this style, which if that is the case just ignore what I say about the width.
beckett simonan review
The side profile is great.  Like I said, I quite like the simplicity of the design.
beckett simonan review
You get a better idea of the thickness of the sole when looking from the side.
beckett simonan review
From the heel, you can see some more burnishing.
beckett simonan review
Here you can better see how wide the Bailey is.  You can also see the welting stitching.  Many people seem to think that Good Year welting is only done in the US, England and parts of Europe.  However, it is also done very well in India, parts of Asia and Mexico.  Beckett Simonon has its Good Year welted shoes made in India and I believe the leather is sourced from South America (I think Argentina).  In fact, I have met the family that owns the factory they use and they are nice guys who seem to do a good job at what they do.
beckett simonan shoe review
Take note of two things here.  First, the burnishing and how it is not done well.  Second, the strip of leather between the upper and the welting.  Like I said previously, I do not like a very wide shoe and I do not like a sole that protrudes much.  This strip of leather certainly contributes to both of those factors.  Whether it is functional or aesthetic, I don’t really care for it on the shoe.
beckett simonan shoe review
As I said, the burnishing is not done very well.  On both shoes there are spots where the burnishing came off.  The shoes came like this, fortunately, the problem has not gotten worse.  I cannot say the exact reason as to why but I can say that this should not happen.  Whether or not the shoes are $100 (like these) or $1,000 this is not something I expect to see.  I have not polished the shoes yet, which may help the problem but that is still no excuse.  To me, this shows a serious lack of quality control.  Aside from the void issue with the burnishing, the burnishing looks a little cheap (which is the risk you run with burnishing; it can either look great or quite the opposite).  I think the shoes would look as good, if not better without the burnishing.  Unfortunately, I do not have any friends with the same shoes so for now my sample size is one.  If I see someone else wearing the shoes I will check for this issue and add a note to the post as needed.
beckett simonan shoe review
Thankfully, even with the two noted issues (wide at the toes and burnishing) the shoes are still quite wearable and have done well for me so far.

Now, let’s talk about the Potenza Weekender.  Which is perhaps one of the best values in #menswear right now.

beckett simonan review
The Potenza Weekender bag is a pretty simple and classic design.  And it is awesome.  The tan color nearly matches that of the tan on my Baileys.  It is soft and supple to the touch.  One place where many bags go wrong is on the hardware, Beckett Simonon did not, thankfully.  Although I cannot say for certain, I think it should hold up well over time.  The bag was made in Colombia and sells for $279.99.  Sadly for all of you, it is currently sold out but I am sure it will restock soon.
beckett simonan review
The bottom has 5 metal feet
beckett simonan review
There are two pockets on the front which are great for storing belts and other small items.  They close by magnets, the straps on the front of the pockets are purely aesthetic and I think they add nice detail to the front of the bag.  Both the pockets and the main compartment of the bag are lined with the red synthetic liner.
beckett simonan review
Sadly, I sometimes suck at taking pictures.  Although this photo is a little blurry you can see how the stitching is uniform on the bag, which is nice to see.  I think they chose well on the color of the stitching.
beckett simonan potenza bag review
The capacity of the bag is pretty good.  Certainly enough for an overnight trip and also enough for a weekend trip, as long as you pack light on the shoes.  Additionally, I have used it a lot to go to the gym, which it has worked well for.
beckett simonan potenza bag review
Honestly, the photos of the bag speak for themselves. It is a damn nice bag.

Clearly, I have different opinions of Beckett Simonon’s shoes than I do of its bag.  I am luke warm on the shoes; part because of personal taste and part because of quality control issues.  But still, for around $100 (some are $139.99) the shoes are still a solid buy on the quality front.  But this is only IF, and that is a big if, you like how the shoes look.  I think all of the Good Year welted shoes are a bit clunky looking; but some people think that is all the rage these days.  But then we have the Potenza Weekender bag.  Which I can’t really say it better than that this is one of the nicest leather goods you can buy for under $300 (and frankly, it could sell for a good bit more); the quality is solid and the style is elegant, masculine and classic.  Although I expect to use the shoes for years to come, I hope to have the bag for decades to come.



Note: FYGblog did receive both the bag and shoes for the purpose of this review.  However, as always, the utmost care has been taken to maintain an unbiased stance on the brand at hand.




  1. I purchased a pair of Beckett Simonon shoes. Took quite awhile for them to show up, but nice for the money. Ordered two more pairs. Got one pair within a couple week. I did not like the fit so returned them over a month ago, no credit, no communication and still haven’t gotten the second pair. Poor customer service in my opinion. Not worth the hassle.

  2. I second Tim’s response. I tried getting a refund, but still haven’t heard from them. Horrible customer service! I don’t think anyone works their e-mails anymore, and there’s no other way to contact them. Buyer beware.


    Did you eventually get a refund? If yes, how did you manage to do it?



  3. I too have experienced a lack of responsiveness on Beckett Simonon’s part. I pre ordered two pairs of shoes back in April and they have not shown up. I sent multiple emails to the service email address and no reply. Please keep us posted if you do make contact.

  4. No question this is the worst internet-based sales company ever. I ordered and paid for the shoes on May 16. Its now August 25 and no sign of them. Worst, they just will not reply to any e-mail enquiries. It’s like no one is there. I tried to contact N. Hurtado – one of the founders – no reply from him either. Just a really really bad experience. Avoid at all costs.

  5. I’m also filing a complaint here, trying to make sure no one ever works with company again. I preordered their Potenza bag and after a month of delays began asking for a refund. Instead of complying and giving me a refund, they later send me an automated message saying the bag is now on its way, after I made it abundantly clear I’m no longer interested. I still haven’t had an actual response from a human being working at the company.

    I genuinely wonder if they even check their email. This is easily one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a company. Utter incompetence. How these guys have been afloat for 2 years is beyond me.

  6. Another most horrific experience here. It is without a doubt, the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever been exposed to. Everything that can possibly go wrong does, not once but twice. No communications, as someone said, like they just flat out don’t respond to emails, months and months waiting for shoes, wrong shoes sent, returns not addressed or acknowledged, told me later I never ordered.

    Service is so bad I would rather buy locally for twice the price and not have to deal with their utter ineptitude.

  7. The Beckett Simonon shoes are not worth the money. They look cheap and do not wear well at all. I bought a pair of the Brown Monk Straps and the quality is so bad I’m embarrassed to wear them anywhere. The straps were scored badly the very first time I had to thread them through the atrociously cheap buckles. Do not waste your money, save the extra hundred and buy some Cole Haan’s or Johnston Murphy’s…at least they are reputable an have decent customer service.

    Interestingly, I posted a review of the shoes on the BS website and it has never shown up. The only reviews they post are from people that are gushing over them with comments like: “Best Shoes I own”….I find that very hard to believe unless they were previously barefoot.

  8. Well it looks like I am the latest victim of these scam artist. I order a pair of shoes on 10.06.2014. After several emails about pre-order and custom problems and even an offer for a 25% discount and/or a refund. And finally a promise than my order will be shipped this week. I got nothing!
    What a bunch of jerks!

  9. I would like to offer my apologies for my previous comments to this vendor as they have delivered my product today am I am pleased with it.

    Best of luck!

  10. I have owned a pair for a couple years, also burnished brown. When I first received them, they actually really looked nice and even had a few guys compliment them and ask about them. The fit ran a little large but I was able to wear them. I don’t wear them often, maybe once every few weeks or once a month.

    I ultimately had similar issues as mentioned in your article with the burnishing. Literally 2 weeks ago, I took them to my shoe shine guy (who knows a shoe’s maker just by looking at it on your feet) and he seemed to be staring at them confused. He asked the brand and before o could tell him, he said, “I’m not sure I can help these. The material is more like a vinyl than a leather.” Then he proceeds to show me how bad they really are in various spots. The cheap eyelets have worn away the staining on the tongue to expose the black “vinyl” material in multiple places. The toes are scarred and not really reparable.

    He polished them as best he could and told me to stick with my usual Allen Edmonds and to never buy the Beckett Semonons again.

  11. Made my purchase in October of 2016. Now it’s Feb 2017 . No Shoe. Finally got someone on the line. Claims shoe has been made still no date on when I’ll get my pair . Customer service ssucks, will not recommend anyone to use this service

    • Hi Tim,
      That is unfortunate to hear. I received a great pair of brogues from them a few months ago. Updated review to come. If you ever receive your shoes, please feel free to let us know how they are here in the comments.