Oh, The Stressors Of Suburbia…

Oh, The Stressors Of Suburbia…


The change in my wardrobe has been one of the most significant lifestyle changes that came with moving from Manhattan to The Main Line.  I went from wearing a suit, or at a minimum ‘business casual’ five days a week,

pinstipe suit and winter tie

to just casual five days a week…

cream colored corduroy

The fact that for over two years I was only wearing my casual clothing on the weekend and am now wearing it seven days a week has exposed numerous inadequacies in my casual winter wardrobe.  A problem that I know will persist into my spring/summer one as well.  A rather depressing and stress inducing thought for a man so conscious of his wardrobe like myself.

I have identified the root of the problem as such: for over two years I was spending my clothing budget on acquiring suits, ties, dress shirts, dress shoes, suspenders and the like.  Luckily, I was able to get by on a few good items of casual clothing on the weekend and on vacations.  Furthermore, it was in the period before I started scrutinizing how things fit that I amassed a sizable casual wardrobe.  But now, as I try things on I repeatedly find myself exclaiming: “This shit doesn’t fit!”  True, some items can be altered, but a majority either can not, or it is not worth it.  Leaving me with two options, because we all know I don’t plan to waltz around town in ill fitting clothes.  First, scour the local thrift stores for some good buys.  Second, acquire new goods.  I have decided that both methods will be implemented.  But now to finance this mission…  I wonder if I could do a Kickstarter for this?  All is not easy in the ‘burbs.

Under Duress,

Justin L Jeffers


  1. Having gone through a similar transition from suits at the office to extremely casual startups (one in the basement of the founder’s home and another that set up shop in the front of the Dojo where one of the founders taught Aikido), I feel your pain.

    Plus, the casual wardrobe requires more decisions. Now you’ve got to coordinate more separates. With a suit it was so easy. Half the work was done for you. Put on a white shirt and a suit that fits and anybody can look good.

    I bet your dry cleaning bill’s probably a lot lower, though, huh? I guess it’s time to put some of that money into casual clothes.

  2. I made an even bigger transition from the corporate world a suit 5 days a week to working from home in my own business wearing tee shirts and shorts. Now I enjoy dressing up in a nice suit for special events.