Things I Wear: A Casual Day About Town

Things I Wear: A Casual Day About Town


cream colored corduroy

Since I have been spending considerably more time back in the Motherland (Bryn Mawr) I have had to rely much more heavily on my casual clothes, as opposed to my suits and jackets.  And sadly, I have realized that much of my casual wardrobe is due for an update, mostly all of those damn baggy pants from when my waist was a 34″ and not a 32″…  That said, I continually see myself resorting to the pants that fit better.  Like these cream colored corduroys from Polo, which are great for cold and sunny days.  I think the cream is too much for an overcast day.  I was longing for spring and its abundance of pastels so I opted to top the pants off with a pink oxford button down from CottonWork (reviewed here) and lavender down jacket from Uniqlo.  The shoes are wool lined (you know, for that extra warmth when its 30 out) drivers from Cole Haan.  Perhaps too much color for some people, but just right for me.  And then the day commenced…


Justin L Jeffers