Things I Wear: Flannel & Shearling

Things I Wear: Flannel & Shearling


In case you are not in the know the Northeast received a rather sizable dose of snow over the past 24 hours (I measured 9″ at my house in Bryn Mawr).  Minus my original train to NYC being cancelled today, I couldn’t be happier about the snow; I just wish I had more time to enjoy it.  Admittedly, I love NYC while it is snowing, but the black slushy aftermath leaves quite a bit to be desired.  I guess it’ll make traveling between menswear trade shows that much more…  Masculine?  Elegant?  Sprezzy (let me tell you how much I can’t stand that word another time)?  No, none of the above, just obnoxious.

Anyway, as temperatures were in the high teens yesterday (yes, I know, that’s cold for some of you and warm for others) I felt it to be prudent to don some of my warmest gear.  Historically, I have found shearling to be one of my best friends in that type of cold.  Specifically in boot and coat form.  There is a reason aviator’s jackets in the first half of the 20th century were made of the stuff.

Anyway, the day’s dress was built on Bean boots.  The 10″ shearling jawns to be exact.

shearling ll bean boots

The rest of the ensemble followed in a similar suit.  Bottle green cords (Ralph Lauren), ski socks (Smart Wool) and an oxford cloth shirt (Sock Hop NY, review forthcoming).  But what really tied the ensemble together was the navy cotton flannel shirt (J. Crew Factory) and the shearling coat (Paley).

mens shearling coat

The snow was an added bonus.




  1. To paraphrase what someone said on another menswear blog recently, you look better dressed for the snow than most people do dressed for a date.