Lax Pinnie Friday

Lax Pinnie Friday

lax pennie friday

My life is riddled with guilty pleasures.  I have found that my life functions a bit more smoothly with them, rather than without them.  A while back I shared about my secret love for the Supreme 5 panel hat.  Today I would like to opine on the supremacy of the lax pinnie.  Of course, there are numerous other guilty pleasures, they can either be discussed later on or have no place on this blog.
So what is it about lax pinnies that make them both acceptable for wear in public as well as superior to any other form of dress.  First, I should say that they are not appropriate for wear in public minus for BBQs, beaches, pools and the gym.  But in each of those settings they find themselves comfortably at home as long as a more formal code of dress is not requested.  In fact, I often still observe Lax Pinnie Friday at the gym.  A weekly event that requires one to don a lax pinnie on you guessed it, Friday.  I started the tradition some years ago and don’t see it going away anytime soon.  Anyway, regarding the lax pinnies supremacy, there are two primary factors.
lax pennie friday
The first is that lacrosse is one of, if not the finest sport played in America.  Far superior to all 4 of the major commercial sports no doubt.  Second, lacrosse is perhaps the most uniquely American sport there is (to keep the whole American exceptionalism theme from last post going) given its origins in Native American tribes from what is now the eastern parts of the US and Canada.  And on a more personal note I have reason to believe my Cherokee ancestors played it.
On a more practical note there are few things that are cooler wearing than a lax pinnie.  One could argue that a basketball jersey does the same, but basketball jerseys and pinnies are both less attractive and from a lesser sport (although I will say that some of the people who play it are amazing athletes).  Said pinnie will also bring the wearer back to the days of glory on the field.
A good pennie will come from one of three sources.  A school team, club team or camp.  I still rock my vintage Finncrosse camp pinnie from summer ’00.  My high school pinnies have the most meaning.  But my favorite is from a summer league team I played for a few years back.  I said that I would only play on the team if we got pink and green pinnies.  Apparently someone else said they would only play if the team name was Victorious Secret.
lax pennie friday
PS – I realize the past few posts have centered around very casual wear.  We’ll be back to more formal things shortly.


  1. I can’t believe a fashion guy would say this is ok to wear. As a lacrosse player I find people that wear their practice jerseys to be DBs – gym or not.

  2. Dear JLJ,

    I doubt that exist. Without pleasure and beauty, your soul becomes pathological. is connected to a moral judgment. In German there is only one word: for and .

    Pleasure is connected to life and aesthetics. Guilt is connected to actions and ethics.

  3. Parentheses:
    disappear with text enclosed on my screen after posted.

    I put guilty pleasure above in parenthesis, and without it the sentence is a fragment.