Hold The Line Mr. Zuckerberg, Hold The Line

Hold The Line Mr. Zuckerberg, Hold The Line


In honor of the Facebook IPO tomorrow I think it would be prudent to discuss the style of one Mark Zuckerberg.  Now, before I get into it I shall say this.  When you’ve changed the world in as much of a way Mr. Zuckerberg has you can wear just about whatever you want in my book.  And not to mention, he can afford to wear whatever he wants and the whole world knows it.

Personally, I think it would be weird to see Mr. Zuckerberg in a suit and tie.  Like it would have been weird to see Mr. Jobs in a suit and tie.  It’s just not his personality.  Nor would it fit the personality of Facebook.  His personality dictates jeans and a sweatshirt.  In one of the early years of Facebook he wore a tie everyday for a year; but honestly, that is just not him…  You see, as much as Facebook is a business; a really really big business.  It is just not that type of business.  It is not like Goldman Sachs or UBS; some large and conservatively dressed organization.  We, as consumers do not look for Facebook to be that; so why should Mr. Zuckerberg be that?  Over the past week I’ve heard countless quips by the pundits on CNBC complaining about Mr. Zuckerberg pitching Facebook to investors in his sweatshirt and not a suit.  As much of a supporter of wearing a suit as I may be, in this case I firmly believe the suit would just not fit.  It is not a matter of the physical fit on Mr. Zuckerberg, but the contextual fit; of which there would be little to none.  Hold the line Mr. Zuckerberg, hold the line.


Justin L Jeffers