Maus & Hoffman Store Visit (Finally)

Maus & Hoffman Store Visit (Finally)



A few months ago I made it back down to Naples.  This time I was lucky enough to make it by Maus & Hoffman when they were open, as last time they were closed.  I was also lucky enough to be guided through the store by a fine gentleman names Sam.  He was exceedingly helpful and respectful.  He was the type of salesman who’s presence I enjoy, which is rare, as most I want nothing to do with.  The merchandise spread is nothing less than substantial, that is if you style is somewhere in the old fogey prep arena.  Which, admittedly, I will dabble in even though I am only 25.  However, the prices are often also substantial (loafers $300+, sweaters $300+, jackets $1,000+).  A few of the highlights included a variety of loafers, alpaca sweaters, boucle knit shirts and odd jackets.  Additionally, Maus & Hoffman stocks a variety of ties, pocket squares, ascots, bathing suits, robes, shirts and more. But everything is geared toward resort and retired life in southern Florida (as the other two stores are in Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach).

Maus & Hoffman was established in 1940 in Ft. Lauderdale and has since grown to three stores.  The merchandise is a mix of house label (mostly under the Solemare name) and third party labels (like Albert Thurston, St. Croix (the brand that made Steve Jobs’ signature black turtleneck), Villebrequin, Paul & Shark).  And it should be noted that the Maus family is responsible for the design of the house label products.

The boucle knit shirt was particularly interesting, something I have never seen before.  According to Sam the knit used to be referred to as an ‘Italian Knit.’  It is an open weave which is great for excessive heat, as southwest Florida is known for.   The other items of most interest to me were the alpaca sweaters, which are the 2nd best seller in the store after cashmere sweaters, which from what I know are becoming increasingly rare.  But what really caught my attention was the variety of loafers.

Almost all of the loafers were designed by Maus & Hoffman and are geared toward warm weather.  My favorite options utilized were perforated leather to allow for breathability, terry cloth lining for sweat absorption and kangaroo skin for a light and flexible upper.  Oh, and the bit slippers (pictured above) truly won my heart.

If you are down in the Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach or Naples areas this coming Easter weekend may I recommend a stop by one of the Maus & Hoffman stores.  But you can make your own judgements, enjoy the pictures.




Note: FYGblog received no compensation in any form from Maus & Hoffman.


    • Tom,
      Always a pleasure stopping by your stores. Keep up the good work. I’m heading down to Naples area this weekend, my trip won’t be complete without a stop by the store.

  1. There must be some well dressed older gentlemen down southern Florida way,especially if they get into the paisley cravats and the skull and crossbones slippers.

  2. I am so impressed with your ability to photograph your clothing so well.. Can you provide me any suggestions on type cameras, settings and tips as to how to capture the colors so well. I usually have issue with dark colors looking faded or washed out and not crisp.

    Thank you for your kindness,

    Dante Rodriguez
    Flagler University

    • Dante,
      Thank you. I use a Canon rebel T1i for all of my photos. Sometimes it is a matter of trial and error, playing around with the setting while photographing and seeing what works best (exposure, depth of field, lighting calibration) it is also a matter of choosing a decent background and lighting. The other crucial part is editing the photos once they have been taken, playing with the color levels and contrast are two easy ways to bring out the dark colors.