Another Tie For The New Season

Another Tie For The New Season


Tie: Paul Stuart (Phineas Cole).

For some time now Paul Stuart, in particular the Phineas Cole line, has been my favorite temple of menswear.  It always seems to be on point with both my mood and what I think to be proper dress (with a slight twist of course).   The tie pictured is quite the elegant piece.  It incorporates two of my favorite things; cashmere and the cable knit pattern.  It is definitely on the more casual side of things, one could not go wrong by pairing it with a blazer or a camel hair sport coat and a pair of grey flannels.  But I could also see it serving well to dress down a suit.  It very well may have taken the place of the Tom Ford tie I featured a few weeks ago as the tie I must acquire for the fall/winter season, but we shall see.  Take a look on the Phineas Cole website here.

Beautiful weave

Note: FYG received no compensation both material or otherwise for promoting this product, Phineas Cole or Paul Stuart.  It is simply just a badass product that needs promoting.