On The Reg: Streaker Sports

On The Reg: Streaker Sports


A few months ago the good people at Streaker and myself struck up a conversation via Twitter and decided it was best to meet in person here in New York.  We talked menswear, lacrosse and other manly things over burgers at Melon’s.  Grant was nice enough to send me a pair of Streaker’s 1985 Navy lax shorts.  Since then they have entered the regular rotation of my Murray Hill leisure wear; oft accompanied by an appropriate lax pinnie (see vintage Finncrosse below).

The styling of the shorts is spot on.  The colors and look seem to be true to the Navy shorts they replicate.  The priamry complaint I have is that the tag on the inside rear of my shorts has started to fray (see picture below).  However, that has no effect on how the shorts look or wear.  Fitwise, they hit right above my knee (my measurements are: 5’10” height and 33″ waist; I am wearing mediums), which is ideal.  The legs and leg opening are of a good width; enough to allow free movement and airflow but not too much to look like MC Hammer style parachute pants.  And the crotch not so low so as to look like those degenerate drop crotch pants or too high as to make you look like the oh so un-venerable ball-hugging hipster legwear.  The pockets are also crucial (pictured below) for storing the obvious necessities of modern life.  Although I have limited knowledge when it comes to synthetic fabrics, I will say that what is used for these shorts is quick drying and comfortable when going commando; which are pretty much the only two things I look for with athletic shorts fabric.

In closing, I give a full recommendation for Streaker Sports shorts.  Although the tag issue is a little disappointing, it is really only a minor issue and is fully overshadowed by the positives the shorts offer.  If you have any questions or want to submit your own thoughts on them, post in the comments below.

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Note: FYGblog did receive the reviewed shorts free of charge from Streaker Sports.