A Personal Uniform For Summer

A Personal Uniform For Summer

karl lagerfeld

From time to time the subject of uniform comes up in men’s style.  The two most notable examples that come to my mind are Karl Lagerfeld (who wears only black with a white shirt) and Tom Wolfe (who wears only white suits).  There are others who take it a step further and wear the same outfit everyday.  While each man may have his own reasons, the end result is the same.

I find it hard to debate the utility of choosing a personal uniform.  It creates a stable and familiar image to the outside world.  A brand of sorts.  And for the wearer it not only does the same, but it also means a man has one less thing to worry about everyday.  And for many men, a lack of worry for their attire is justification enough.

tom wolfe

On a more personal note I have spent a decent part of my life in uniforms; sports teams, EMTing and the oft underrated one of my younger private school years.  But it was not until this summer that I really adopted a uniform out of choice, rather than out of a dictated necessity.  For me it was really just an issue of simplicity and comfortability.  As much as I like taking the time to choose what I wear; on some days I don’t want to have to worry about it or have a deep interpersonal debate which pocket square and suspenders best fit the day’s mood, weather and activities.

summer uniform

The whole thing for me came about organically, I did not strive to set a casual uniform for myself.  I settled on my favorite pair of shorts to anchor the uniform.  They are Nantucket Red (unsurprisingly) drawstring shorts (I said casual, did I not).  And more often than not they are paired with a white linen shirt (buttondown or spread collar (pictured).  Although the sunglasses often varied, my Randolph Engineering aviators have been most commonly worn.  For shoes I would often resort to my trusty top-siders; but Rainbows and bit loafers are sometimes in the mix.  The result is that it takes me about one fifth the time to get clothed in the morning and I know that I will always look good and I will always be comfortable.  Sometimes simple is best.



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  1. Khaki trousers (no shorts with my legs), polo or OCBD w/sleeves rolled, loafers, no socks. Maybe a little boring, but looks pretty squared away, and beats cargo shorts and tees.