A Reflection On Supreme…

A Reflection On Supreme…


Over the past few days Business Of Fashion has put out two great articles on Supreme, the legendary New York City skateboard shop.  The articles give a brief history of the store but more importantly talk about the store’s legacy of both past and present.  And mind you, insights into Supreme don’t often happen like this, the company is well known for keeping its house quiet.  It really is worth the read if you’ve ever heard of the brand, and perhaps even if you have not.

Supreme Part I

Supreme Part II

So, you may wonder what Supreme has to do with the usual line of discussion here, well, it pretty much has nothing to do with it.  It is more of a personal thing for me, but it is also pretty interesting.  Still, the products Supreme offers are technically part of menswear, just of a different breed.

I remember when I first heard about Supreme.  It was during the summer of 2008.  I was working at an internship in London and had recently become interested in sneakers.  I began doing copious amounts of research into the topic; brands, styles, trends and history.  It was during this time I stumbled across Supreme but it was not for another few months until I returned to the states that I was able to make it to the store on Lafayette Street.    To be honest, it was not on the top of my list of shoe stores to go to.  Dave’s Quality Meat and Alife took those honors.  When I got to the store there was a slew of skateboarders both inside and out.  Not a bit of pastel colored clothing amongst them, but I made up for what they lacked there.  I was impressed by the store and its offerings, but the style was not really for me then, and is even less so these days.  But just because it is not for me does not mean I do not respect Supreme, I did then and I do now.  Which really for me is the lesson in all of it: I may not fully understand Supreme and the lifestyle it caters to but I do understand that its good at what it does and that in its own right it is in good taste.  And for that I applaud Supreme.