The Style Of Home Alone

The Style Of Home Alone


The true mastermind.
The mastermind.  Harry is wearing a crappy heavy weight overcoat with a 6 button lapeled vest.  The lowest button is not fastened, stylish for a wet bandit.

As I woke up today I refused to acknowledge that Christmas was in fact over.  So I thought a post on the style of Home Alone (1990) and Home Alone 2 (1992) would help us all.

Happy Boxing Day,


home alone mom
Such a fashion hangover from the 80’s. Look at the low gorge on the lapels as well as the low buttoning point on the jacket.  Awful, just awful.
home alone style toggle coat
Mr. McCallister is rocking a great Burberry (you can tell by the lining) duffle coat. I would not be surprised if it is camel hair, which would make it all the more badass.  Uncle Frank is wearing a classic trench coat and a hideous sweater.  On his feet: Bean boots.  Bad ass.
home alone style marv
Marv reminds me of Pinky from Pinky And The Brain.  His outfit in 2 is pretty grungy, as it was in the 1st.  In fact, he looks like many of the poorly styled bums (like hipsters, hobo chic wanna bes and others) I see inhabiting the L.E.S. and Williamsburg.  Note the layering; cardigan, gray henley and white t-shirt.
home alone family
We can evaluate this whole photo next year, but for now look at Uncle Frank’s green blazer and tartan pants.  And he’s wearing a pocket square!  Man is a goddamn style icon.
The color blocked shirt on the right is what started this whole color blocking trend we see these days.  Guaranteed.
The color blocked shirt on the right (on the ginger child) is what started this whole color blocking trend we see these days. Guaranteed.
home alone style fuller
Fuller.  Suspenders.  Bed wetting included.
home alone style kevin
This is the last time we see Kevin in 1.  It is right after the family returns home and the day after the epic battle with Marv and Harry.  The green robe (I believe its terry cloth) is great and perfectly compliments the pjs; which are red with some type of geometric design on them.  No doubt intentional that the main colors of the outfit are red and green.



  1. Kevin’s winter jacket with the hood that unzips into a collar didn’t get a mention!!
    I’m trying to buy it, best jacket.