Things I Wear: The Last Hurrah Of White Bottoms

Things I Wear: The Last Hurrah Of White Bottoms

white linen pocket square

As Labor Day nears here in the States the days to wear white pants or shorts dwindle.  At least for the more stodgy of us.  So enjoy it while I can, I figure to myself.  We’ve already covered the shorts with a blazer debate so we’re okay with that, right?  I felt like the white pinwhale corduroy shorts with bit loafers were a lot so I left things simple on top; a blue linen blazer and light blue oxford.  I’ve never purchased anything from Lands End until this summer, and so far I am pretty happy with what I purchased.  The medium brown braided belt worn here has been in the regular rotation since I got it.  I think Lands End may be underrated, in honesty.  Additionally, I particularly like how the blazer has white buttons on it, paired with the linen fabric it makes it much more of a summer jacket.  But the pity of this all is that summer is almost over.


shorts with a blazer

Jacket: Zara, shirt: Cottonwork, shorts: Mister, shoes: Cole Haan, belt: Lands End, pocket square: Kent Wang.


  1. Hi Justin, good to see the blog continuing now that you have left New York. I can see how the tailored jacket and shorts and loafers would work – maybe an upscale restaurant in a warm climate but it is a look that I have yet to visit here in Australia. Maybe I don’t frequent enough upscale restaurants in warm climates. Over here I can still feel overdressed rocking the Ralph Lauren Purple Lable Polo with white tailored shorts and JP Tods. Enough said, Regards Geoff.