Things I Wear: Coyote Fur

Things I Wear: Coyote Fur

coyote fur collar mens jacket

About a year ago I briefly discussed my thoughts on wearing fur.  Something I am strongly in favor of.  However, I failed to provide examples of it being worn.  Although I have since included it in a post or two I don’t feel like fur has gotten adequate screen time.

In my original piece on fur I said that I though it was best to work fur into your wardrobe by means of accessories and accents, which I still believe to be the case.  Start small and work your way up from there.  Case in point: a fur collar on a jacket.  More specifically, a coyote fur collar on a coat.

coyote fur collar mens coat yigal azrouel

I am often heard referring to the coat as my ‘Ned Stark’ in honor of the fallen character from Game Of Thrones (season 4 can’t get here soon enough).  If you are familiar with the show you will have likely noticed that many of the characters, especially the men of the north wear animal pelts over their shoulders.  I think it is a very masculine and elegant look.

coyote fur collar mens coat yigal azrouel

Admittedly, I have had countless men walk up to me when wearing the coat.  Some try to buy it off of me, others ask where they can get their own and yet others tell me they wish they could wear something like it but know that they can’t.  Regarding the men in the latter category I agree with them.  Not all men can pull off something like this, but I do believe that every man is capable of wearing fur.  He just has to figure out how he can make it work for him and his style.  This is just how I made it work for my style.

The coat is from Yigal Azrouel and is a heavy black cotton twill and filled with some type of synthetic for warmth.  Which means that not only is it one of three black pieces of clothing I actually wear (the other two being a tuxedo and an overcoat) but it is also one of the few ‘designer’ pieces I own.  Which brings up an important secondary point.  When building your wardrobe and searching for your personal style you should be open to sourcing your clothing from a variety of sources – designers, tailors, mass market brands, discount houses, thrift stores etc.  You never know what you may find ay any of them.

It should be noted that the coat did not always exist in its current form.  When I purchased it it had a faux shearling collar on it.  I told the sales girl that I would only purchase the coat if she could send me to a furrier to get a proper fur collar for the coat.  And that has totally changed the dynamic of the coat for the better.

coyote fur collar mens coat yigal azrouel

Although pictured here with a very casual outfit, the coat has served me very well over a suit and tie.  It is a bit of a statement piece so it is best paired with a relatively simple ensemble like a tan chinos and white button up.

What are your thoughts?  Would you wear it?

coyote fur collar mens jacket yigal azrouel
Coat: Yigal Azrouel.  Pants: J. Crew.  Shoes: Jay Butler.  Shirt: CottonWork.  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.  Belt: Jose Bank.



Note: FYGblog did not receive any material compensation from Yigal Azrouel or any associated party for being featured in this post.


  1. Has anyone given you crap for wearing fur? Because I always find it funny when people do that yet are perfectly okay with wearing leather. Thankfully over in the southwest people are more accepting of it — especially since so much of it is readily available from Native American or “mountain men” sellers and not fur factories. One should avoid buying from questionable sources or endangered animals.