Butler Luxury Hanger Review, Part II

Butler Luxury Hanger Review, Part II


butler luxury coat hanger review

Previously, I have reviewed suit and pant hangers from Butler Luxury (and they are some damn fine hangers).  However, it is now time to review their jacket and shirt hangers, which are also some very fine hangers.

Before we delve into the Butler Luxury review I think it is wise to review the logic behind buying aftermarket hangers.  The primary reason is to properly care for your suits, jackets and shirts.  The wider shoulder paddles are the most important feature.  Some, but not all, hangers provided with suits have them.  Second is the aesthetic benefit.  Wooden hangers are much more attractive than the plastic ones that are often provided.  Or in the case of shirts, hangers are never provided.

Butler Luxury’s coat hangers are the suit hangers without the pant bar.  So everything I said about the suit hangers holds true for the coat hangers.  The espresso stained beech wood has a beautiful tone.  The 2.125″ shoulder pads are wide enough to properly support a jacket (Hanger Project’s are 2.5″), yet not so wide that they take up too much closet space (or if you are the garment bag type of guy you can probably fit two into a bag).  However, there is one difference between the suit hanger I received and the coat hanger (as well as later suit hangers I received).  That is the metal of the hook (which I praised in the previous review and do still love), is not matte and not shiny.  An improvement I’d say, as the matte appearance better compliments the matte stain of the wood.  Lastly, the hangers come in three different sizes, up to an 18″ width.  So men with shoulders up to a few inches wider than that can be accommodated.

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butler luxury hanger

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wooden coat hanger butler luxury review

Butler Luxury’s shirt hangers are on par in the level of quality and design than the suit, jacket and pant hangers are.  I noted in my previous review that they were currently in development, well, they have since ‘dropped.’  The shirt hangers are also made from beech wood and also come in either espresso (pictured) or butterscotch finishes, which I find nicely compliment my shirts and closets.  The matte silver hook is also present.  However, there are no sizes with the shirt hangers, like there are with the suit and coat hangers.  But I do not view that to be much of a problem.  Most importantly, the nearly .4″ width of the hanger is more than enough to ensure that shirt shoulders do not develop the dimples that are sometimes caused by the narrow metal hangers that most dry cleaner provide.

butler luxury shirt hanger review wood shirt hanger luxury shirt hanger luxury hanger review luxury hanger review

As I have noted previously, it can often be hard to justify spending $26 on a suit/coat hanger or $5.90 on shirt hanger.  That is a decision for each man to make himself.  But if you are interested in properly fitting suits, you should use equal discretion on how to properly take care of said suits.  Not to mention, I expect these hangers to last into my later years.  If you must only settle for one, I advise the suit and coat hangers, as the shoulders of suits are more important to support than shirts.  But anyway, if you are that type of man, then I advise you consider hangers from Butler Luxury.  As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section.


Justin L Jeffers


Note: FYGblog did receive product in the course of this review.  Butler Luxury is also a sponsor of FYGblog.  However, the utmost care was taken to present the reviewed products in an unbiased and informative way.