Garment Care: Butler Luxury Hanger Review

Garment Care: Butler Luxury Hanger Review


butler luxury hanger

The idea of spending $26 for a single suit hanger is absurd to some men.  Understandably so.  But Butler Luxury hangers provide a product nice enough to justify the absurdity of it all.  Previously, I have discussed the hangers from The Hanger Project; which are also exceedingly nice hangers.  When things get to a certain level in quality, price and prestige I am of the opinion that purchasing decisions are made on the finest of details and personal preferences ($26 for a suit hanger and $39 for 5 pant hangers).  Anyway, Butler Luxury has been making hangers for over 20 years for some very reputable names in hospitality and tailoring.  However, it is not until recently that they started producing and selling hangers under their own name.  And we are all better off for it.

Out of the box Butler Luxury’s hangers are beautiful.  They were nice enough to send me a suit hanger in espresso and a pant hanger in butterscotch.  Personally, I prefer the espresso finish; it is a matte dark brown.  Extremely elegant and attractive; it also happens to compliment my gray and blue suits quite well.  But this is just a matter of personal preference, and the butterscotch is still very nice.

There are two things that one first notices when picking up the suit hanger.  The thickness of the pants bar and the weight of the hanger, which is substantial; and this is certainly not a bad thing.  All of Butler’s hangers are of solid beech wood, the grain of which is present through both finishes.  Raphael over at Gentleman’s Gazette goes further into the details of construction so I don’t find it necessary to rehash that discussion.  But for my purposes the most important aspects of the hanger are the felt of the pant bar, which keeps pants from slipping.  The width of the shoulder pads is 2.125″, which is narrower than the suit hangers from Hanger Project (which are about 2.5″); however, still wide enough adequately support a jacket.  And being a New Yorker the narrower width is ideal because it will allow me to fit more of the hangers (and consequentially suits) in my closet.  But perhaps for me, my favorite detail is the hook.  From the photo below you will notice a little nub on the end of the hook, this nub, for some very likely intentional reason, is excellent at keeping the hanger hung from the top of a door frame; which is where I often hang my suits to air out before and after use.  Like I said, the finest of details.

butler luxury suit hanger

butler luxury wood hanger

luxury suit hanger

The first thing that struck me about the pant hanger was its design.  Very different than most pants hangers I have seen, including those from Hanger Project.  The design is very simple and very solid feeling, which merits note.  Like the suit hanger, the pant bar is thicker than most hangers, which I am a fan of.  However, nothing is perfect and I must make note of the size of the opening between the wood and top of the bar.  Although it is wide enough for a large majority of pants to fit through when the cuffs are folded (so you are inserting 8 layers of fabric at a time), I could not get my flannel trousers with cuffs through.  So I had to insert each leg separately, which is not ideal, but realistically it only adds a few seconds to hanging pants so the issue is minor.  But it is not enough of an issue that it would cause me to forgo purchasing the hanger.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend hangers from Butler Luxury.  I wait in excitement for the release of their shirt hangers, which are reportedly being developed; I have full faith they will be equally as exceptional.  Aside from the minor issue with the pants hanger I believe these to be excellent hangers, my favored hangers, in fact.  Clearly spending this much money on hangers is not something most men deem a necessary or financially responsible move.  However, if you are spending the money and time to acquire proper fitting suits the effort should be made to take care of them.  If you have any questions, comments or thoughts feel free to sound off in the comments.


Justin L Jeffers

butler luxury pant hanger

butler luxury pants hanger

butler luxury wood hanger

butler luxury wood pant hanger

Note: FYGblog did receive the hangers for purposes of testing and review.  However, the utmost care has been taken to provide an unbiased and objective opinion of the hangers.


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