How To Pack Neckties

How To Pack Neckties


how to pack a necktie

I am oft faced with the dilemma on how to pack my neckties.  Over the years I have dabbled with a variety of methods.  Rolling or folding them and placing them in or on top of clothes.  Rolling them up and placing them in pockets and shoes.  Both methods worked fine, but I was always worrying that something would spill on my suitcase, the ties would snag on something or if the TSA decided to randomly search my bag they would not take proper care in placing the ties back properly which could result in all of the above or worse (which if you have ever had your bag randomly screened by the TSA you will know exactly what I’m talking about).  Or if I was traveling with just one tie I would sometimes wear that tie.  But my packing methods have evolved and I now resort to two simple and effective methods.

The first method is to roll my ties up and place them in a Ziploc bag, this is especially good for bulky knit ties that would take up a lot of space in a tie carrier (method 2).  The Ziploc bag is also great because it will protect the ties from spills and snags and will ideally shield them from the follies of the TSA.  It is also an extremely inexpensive tactic.  The second method is to transport them in a tie case, such as that pictured above.  Some have said that these will crease your ties; but I have not had that problem (and if you do just hang them in the bathroom while you shower, gravity and steam do wonders sometimes).  A proper tie case will be able to fend off most spills, snags and aforementioned TSA negligence.  It is far more expensive than a box of Ziplocs, but also far more stylish.

Safe Travels,

Justin L Jeffers


  1. Use those cool wine bottle gift bags for ties. You can get them for a couple of bucks at a liquor store and the are the perfect size for 3 – 4 once folded ties. Your tie case is nice, but takes up too much space in a suitcase.

    I never pack liquids with my nice clothes for a business trip. If it’s really hard to find (e.g. contact lens solution) I’ll mail a box of stuff to the hotel or buy it up arrival. I’ve learned this the hard way.

  2. I wash and use empty Talenti Gelato containers. They are perfectly round and a rolled tie fits snug within the hard plastic container. You can squeeze a few into a packed carry-on. Best of all, they are free after you eat the delicious gelato inside.

    No, I am not affiliated with Talenti Gelato.

    • That’s ingenius, Derek. Thanks for the idea.

      I now have a tie ‘collection’ easily worth a couple thousand (worth only to me, of course), yet I haven’t worn a one in a long time. 🙂 But… I am packing to move cross country and will use this great idea even for my longer term packing.

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