On Shoulder Straps…

On Shoulder Straps…


Just look at that.  Look at the creases and stress put on the fabric.  Imagine whats happening on the inside of the jacket.  Thousands of threads from the fabric, shoulder pad and collar are screaming out in agony; they can not take it anymore.  They want to leave him and never come back.  This is the last time they will let it happen without doing something about it.  He’ll never hear from them again.  He’ll get taught a lesson.  But will he even care?

The shoulder strap likely hears the screams, but doesn’t care.  The gentleman probably doesn’t hear.  But if he did, he, like millions of other men wouldn’t care.  And some guys wonder why they go through suits so fast; shit…

Well, thank god Jos. A Bank has a 3 for 1 special.  But wait, that punk who writes FYGblog says their suits are terrible, should I even listen to him?  (Yeah, you should, Jos. A Bank suits are terrible, at any price).

You think your suit is just an inanimate object, but it is not.  It moves with you and for you.  The better you are to it, the better it will be to you.  Millions of men think this relationship is a one way street.  But really it goes two ways and I highly advise staying on the right of that street.




  1. Bit dull of an article. What do you recommend instead? Personally I think the good old briefcase has been sadly traded in for men’s purses and grown up backpacks.

    • Scott,

      Backpacks are just as bad when worn with a suit, if not worse. As they put stress on both shoulders, not to mention they are ugly as sin. But I think they can be pulled off in a more casual setting. A briefcase is the ideal solution, followed by nearly any other type of leather bag with a handle. I am not sure if you include a tote bag in the ‘man purse’ category but I fully endorse the use of a tote bag. They just have to be kept simple like the LL Bean/Lands End versions.


  2. Justin, I agree about the suit and backpack, “I am a grown man, but prefer to carry my laptop like a child”. On a personal note, when I called the article dull I meant that it cut off at the point where it could have been informative (offering a different solution) and came across as just a rant. I could have worded it less rudely, though.

    • Scott,
      Thank you for the feedback. Always nice to hear my reader’s thoughts. I agree to a point on the informative value of the post. I certainly went off a little there. I wanted to try a different writing style in that post. Although it was moderately fun, I don’t expect that style to re-emerge much going forward.