On Tending To Your Suede

On Tending To Your Suede

Tools of the trade


Suede, like any other leather, needs care and attention.  Unlike calf skin (and other smooth leathers) that require shines and polishes suede is quite simple and you can mostly rely on a stiff bristled brush of plastic or metal (as pictured below).  I Personally prefer a plastic bristled brush as I think it is a little softer on the suede.  The idea is to brush the suede to clear up scuffs and dirt.  Pressure need only be moderate, too light and you won’t adequately clean the shoe; too heavy and you could risk damaging the leather.  It is not guaranteed to get all of the scuffs out but it does make a difference (unfortunately the pictures do not do proper justice, the difference between before and after is much more noticeable in person).  But for more serious cleaning take the shoes to a trusted cobbler or the like.   Lastly, enjoy your freshly cleaned shoes, for suede is certainly one of the finer things in life…

Tools of the trade




  1. New suede shoes need to be sprayed with a protective water proofing spray before the first wear. The wire brush used lightly is good for removing dust or mould. For heavier stains there is a slightly abrasive rubber block ( I use one called a Magic Bloc) which is used like an eraser. For nasty chemical stains like bleach accidentally spilt there is a great German product called Collonil nubuk spray with waterproofing and colour activation( it comes in a range of colours to match your shoes) and when all else fails a suede dye can also be used.

      • Justin, sorry for pre empting your follow up post but suede shoe care is a topic close to my heart. I recently had the misfortune of accidentally spilling a few drops of a bathroom cleaning product called Shower Power on my new Herrings blue suede chukka boots. Disaster! By the time I realized what had happened it had left small white spots on the suede (probably due to the bleach). I tried everything but ended up having to carefully dye them. I think it is best to avoid wearing Suede shoes when cleaning, cooking, BBQ ing, or putting chemicals in the swimming pool! I look forward to your next post on this topic. – Geoff.

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