Buck The Rain, Care For Your Shoes

Buck The Rain, Care For Your Shoes


Perhaps you are wondering why my shoes are on the floor of my cubicle stuffed with paper towels, perhaps you are not.  Either way, it may be in your best interest to pay attention because one day you may run into the same problem I did.  Anyway, the reason being is that I was stuck out in the rain for an exorbitant amount of time yesterday and needless to say it was not a light rain here in New York.  True, I was wearing my galoshes, but they are not suited to deal with that much rain over that long of a period of time.  But it is not the galoshes that failed, they did serve their purpose.  Every part of my shoe that was covered by the galoshes stayed dry.  The problem was the water coming from above the galoshes that got the shoe wet from the inside; my socks and pant leg below the bottom of my trench coat were soaking wet.  This left me in a bit of an unexpected predicament when I arrived to work.  Hm, what to do?

Rain water (or really any water for that matter) is not ideal for shoe leather, if the leather is not properly treated for following excessive exposure to water it may dry out the leather, harden or lose its shape.  None of which we want.  Preventative measures must be taken.  Stuffing your shoes with paper towels or newspaper is the best way that I know of to get some of the moisture out of your shoes and still maintain some of the shape (paper towels and newspaper do a good job of absorbing the moisture, think about when you used to do this with you lax stick after it got in the rain.  Shoe trees are NOT good for this).  I also advise you place the shoes on their sides as to let the sole breathe, just in case that got wet as well.  Try to let things sit for a few hours, but if you are at work this may not be possible as you will have to wear them at some point, so let them set when possible during the day.  If you are home let the shoes sit over night and in the morning they should be dry, and then the shoe trees go in.